Floating city seen by thousands over China

An interesting mirage has been catching the attention of thousands of people, presenting as what appears to be a towering city in the clouds. This is apparently caused by light rays bending through layers of atmosphere of different temperatures, and is a sort of mirage I’ve never heard of before.

My first response was ‘what the hell, how is this possible?’ and although finding out how it is possible is pretty interesting, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. I don’t know what I expected it to be… certainly not really a city in the sky, or a spaceship or doorway to a parallel world… but, the idea of something so shocking and amazing being actually real is a powerful hope in the minds of many humans.

Maybe one day we’ll discover life in the universe, and that hope will finally be satisfied… or, would it? When confronted with actual, real alien life, would it become mundane? Once explained would the awe and mystery be removed, no matter how amazing the fact of it is?

I hope we find out soon!


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