I wonder what it would have been like for an ancient people migrating from an equatorial region and seeing seasons for the first time. Winter would seem like the end of the world…

The trees are dying all around, it’s getting colder and even the sun hides beyond the horizon most of the time. The birds are fleeing, animals are disappearing into hibernation… for someone unprepared, it might have seemed like a worldwide catastrophe, or supernatural evil…

I wonder what myths or religions could have originated in that way…



I know it’s only fall, but winter feels like it’s arrived latley. I’ve missed it! Time for burning fireplaces, scraping windshields, thick jackets and frosty breath. And, more writing?

It seems like fall/winter are more of a time for writing than the warmer times of the year. Of course, I write all year round, but it just seems to fit better in this half of the year.

Maybe my word production will increase as the heat decreases…

Nature is angry

The air is filled with smoke. Ashes fall like snow. It’s hotter than it’s ever been. Winds and waters destroy our infrastructure, explode our factories. Is it hubris to think we can do whatever we want and still thrive on this planet? Look to the future. It’s time to change ourselves.

Garden writing

I’ve done a moderate amount of writing during this vacation trip. Sitting outside, with trees and plants in the garden nearby is most conducive to my creativity, I’ve found. Something about having life and nature nearby inspires more ideas in my head than bland office walls and florescent lights. Thunder rumbling, rain clattering, wind hissing in leaves, chirping birds and buzzing insects–all of these are better than silence. The smell of flowers or herbs or grass, the sight of living green stretching toward the light somehow inspires growth in my mind.

If you’re having trouble writing, try going outside in the sun and grass, and just breathing and observing for some time. Then the words will come to you.


Here in Seattle we just had our biggest snow storm since 1990. Sure, it’s small by other standards, but it was surprising and kept me home from work for a day.

It’s made me think of nature, though, and how it still has sway over us even with all our technology.

What kind of world would it be if the weather was completely controlled? A boring one probably. But how would it effect the thinking of the people? Would people be less adaptable if they didn’t ever experience unforeseen changes in their environment? We wouldn’t have stories based on storms and floods, and rain and thunder wouldn’t be an ominous sign… for one thing.

Until, the weather control system fails, I suppose..

Floating city seen by thousands over China

An interesting mirage has been catching the attention of thousands of people, presenting as what appears to be a towering city in the clouds. This is apparently caused by light rays bending through layers of atmosphere of different temperatures, and is a sort of mirage I’ve never heard of before.

My first response was ‘what the hell, how is this possible?’ and although finding out how it is possible is pretty interesting, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. I don’t know what I expected it to be… certainly not really a city in the sky, or a spaceship or doorway to a parallel world… but, the idea of something so shocking and amazing being actually real is a powerful hope in the minds of many humans.

Maybe one day we’ll discover life in the universe, and that hope will finally be satisfied… or, would it? When confronted with actual, real alien life, would it become mundane? Once explained would the awe and mystery be removed, no matter how amazing the fact of it is?

I hope we find out soon!