Word A Day: Androgyne

Today’s word is…..

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 Definition: An hermaphrodite

I wonder how long it will be before I get a word I don’t know.

This is a good word, though I haven’t seen it used so often. Mostly I see ‘androgynous’ instead, used to describe something or someone without sexually defined features, but not necessarily having both sex organs. I would think androgyne could be used in this way too–as a word for someone who is androgynous in the sense that they don’t appear female or male–not that they necessarily have both sex organs.

I think that in the future humanity may become androgynous. By which I mean there will no longer be any strict sexes.

Being transexual is slowly getting easier, and in the future it may become trivial. Switching between sexes may become something that people do on a whim. There may even be an ‘undecided’ state or middle state that is neither male nor female. I wonder what new norms would evolve in such a society–what stereotypes would there be for ‘birth males’ and ‘birth females’? Wanting your lover to be someone who has always been the sex they were born as may become a niche fetish.

Would you try being the opposite sex, if it was an easy and reversible transition?


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