Word A Day: Interlace

In an effort to blog more thoughts and not just constant movie and TV reviews, as well as also learning some new words, I’m going to attempt to blog once a day about a new word each day.

I’ll be getting the words from this random word generator. The word generator contains 90,000 words, so that should keep me occupied for a couple hundred years at least. I do not plan to skip any words, even the never-used medical ones, or the uninteresting articles or conjunctions–they can still provoke thoughts, after all!

So, here goes, I push the button and the first word is…


 Definition: To unite as by lacing together; to insert or interpose one thing within another; to intertwine; to interweave.

This is not a new word to me, of course. It makes me think of space, and science for some reason. Maybe because I read lots of sci fi and am thinking of interstellar travel.

I do think that technology is becoming more and more interlaced with biology. I wonder if one day they will become indistinguishable. Maybe our technological advances will not be adjustments to our environment or tools exterior to us, but advancements in our own bodies. That would be something more than interlacing, though, that would be a melding, a blending, not two distinct things twisted together, but two becoming one. Two things changing into one, separate other thing.

But interlaced threads can become one rope… where do you draw the line? When do two things mix enough that they become one?

I would say it’s when you can no longer separate them without destroying both. I could see the human race’s relation to technology becoming that way in the not to distant future. To me, though, that seems exciting!

See you tomorrow with the next random word thoughts…


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