Blue Ruin

As far as revenge stories go, this one was a bit different.

When we first meet Dwight, the protagonist, he is sleeping in his car and eating from garbage cans. The movie does a good job of setting the scene fairly quickly, and you find yourself feeling for the character before he even says a word.

After finding out that his parent’s killer is being released from prison, he heads home to seek his revenge.

I really enjoyed this because it felt real. Dwight is just a normal guy, he’s not a trained killer, and action movies or thrillers often take these kinds of situation for granted and everything just goes smoothly and the character can throw on some sunglasses and look cool while doing it.

Not in this movie. It becomes clear pretty quick that revenge is messy and hardly ever goes as planned, especially when the one doing it is just your average dude.

This was an engaging, tense and entertaining movie, and i’d never have heard of it if not for the guys at redlettermedia saying how good it was. It’s kind of sad that movies like this hardly get noticed while everyone goes to see transformers and furious 499. Oh well. Glad I got to see it!

Recommended for anyone who likes dramas, or just a well told story. People just looking for a revenge story might not find it as satisfying.


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