Mad Max: Fury Road

You remember when you were a kid and you got ahold of your dad’s video camera and filmed yourself ‘punching’ your friends so that they fell off a ‘cliff’, or putting on your sunglasses and saying something cool? You didn’t really know what you were doing, but you’d seen that stuff in movies you liked, and you wanted to make awesome things on video too.

After watching Mad Max, you kind of feel like that’s what’s been going on with all the other action movies to come out in the past few years.

This is actually a real movie, with characters you care about and a plot that makes sense and it is so damn refreshing you don’t even realize what you were missing all this time.

I always thought action scenes bored me. In so many movies the car chase or the fight scene starts and you’re sort of just waiting for it to end and the story to get going again. Mad Max was basically one long action scene, and I could not take my eyes off it for a second. This is because it’s actually a movie, instead of a string of ‘cool scenes’ pasted together and shipped out to theaters for a quick buck.

This movie is going to be a classic, watched and rewatched for the next twenty years, because no action movie in the past 5 years or more has been anything like it.

And all it took was to just make an actual movie.

Wake up Hollywood, and start telling stories again instead of just blowing stuff up.

I recommend this to anyone who likes action movies, its the most fun I’ve had watching a movie since I don’t know when. It’s definitly the best movie I’ve seen this year and I doubt anything else coming out is going to top it.

Check it out!


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