Enemy, 2014

This was a weird one, and by the end of it, I’m not sure i really understand what was going on.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boring history teacher, who, when watching a movie notices an actor that looks exactly like him. He tracks the actor down and finds that they seem to be exact doubles. And the movie just gets weirder from there.

The whole film has some kind of filter over it, making everything seem in shades of brown and yellow. I don’t know if that’s just supposed to make everything seem dirty or drab, or if it has some other meaning… with this movie, I’m second guessing what every little thing might mean.

The music, for the most part, was good and helped build the weird ambiance. It worked well, because I found myself on the edge of my seat, so to speak, for most the movie, even though most of the time nothing was really ‘happening’ as far as action goes. I just felt a very intent desire to see what happened next. There was one note, though, that repeated throughout the movie, that seemed very out of place and kind of, Italian? like it should be in the Godfather or something. But again, with this movie, I have no idea what is symbolism and what is literal and what is just for convenience.

And the end of the movie, i just don’t understand. I feel I’m missing the point of the movie, because the last scene is very shocking, and I believe that it is meant to bring some revelation, but, I just don’t get it.


So, is she a spider? Is that symbolizing some side of her he is seeing, some dark side? It doesn’t seem literal because his reaction, that little sigh he gives, is more like someone saying ‘oh, okay.’ or, being resigned to something, or giving in to something. Not like someone seeing a giant spider instead of their pregnant wife.

There were spiders in the beginning of the movie too. And of course in the dreams he had. But I don’t get what they represent. At the strip show, or whatever it is, people are watching the spider maybe, instead of the women? And the guy who lets him into Anthony’s apartment mentions that he’d do anything to see the show again. Does the spider symbolize some addiction?

I don’t get it.


Even though I don’t get it, I enjoyed it. Jake is a good actor and was very believable as each person. If you like slow, creepy movies that you have to think about, then I’d give this one a shot. Don’t expect it to make sense though. And if it does make sense to you, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it even more!


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