The One I Love

This romantic drama comedy sci fi… thriller? Is kind of hard to define. But it was very good. It starts off being about a couple, Ethan and Sophie, who are having trouble in their marriage. They talk to a counselor and he recommends a getaway at a cabin he’s sent couples to before. They spend the night having a good time, but then when they go over to the guest house… weird stuff happens.

This movie is similar to the previous one I saw, Coherence, in that it’s hard to describe the weirdness of it without giving too much away, and it’s much more enjoyable (i suspect) to go into it without having any idea what happens. It’s also similar in that there is a very small cast and it is shot in one location. I think the acting was much better in this one, though, and the direction and writing better.. but.. the weirdness didn’t hold together as well, and not everything was explained to my satisfaction.



I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters, er, four I guess. I liked how Ethan was trying to solve what was going on, trying to test it and find answers. They didn’t take it very far, but just the effort of it added some realism to the character, and the movie as a whole. Too many times in these type movies the characters just take things for granted and accept that they exist instead of questioning why. Those couple times when he was actually trying to do something really made him an identifiable character.

I love that this movie didn’t go where I was expecting. When they first started running into their other selves, like in my experience with Coherance, I thought it was going to be some time travel thing and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. Then, i thought it was going to be, like, the ‘best versions’ of themselves or something, and they would find out what their partner wanted in them and then live happily ever after. The strange identity stealing plot was not even on my radar. Probably because it doesn’t make much sense, if you think about it.

What were these other beings? Something created by the therapist, yes, ok, but for what purpose? Where did the guest house come from? How was it made impenetrable? What about the weird force field that stopped other Ethan at the end?



At the end of this movie there was a lot that was never explained or really even hinted much at, but somehow that didn’t matter much to me. I didn’t feel disappointed at the end at all.

I very much enjoyed this, and I can recommend it to drama, sci fi, romance and indy film fans. I’d suggest you watch it without looking into it much, but I can’t keep saying that because people usually want to know they’d like a movie before watching it.

This movie was great, but does it take the crown of Best Movie Seen This Year from Coherence? I don’t think so. It’s very close, but I think Coherence takes it by being one that I’d want to watch again.

So, second best movie I’ve seen this year! Hope I keep picking good ones like this 🙂



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