Happy Christmas!

Time for the new year! I’m sure I had some writing resolutions last year, but I don’t remember what they were. I think something crazy like submit 100 stories, or something. If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been submitting many stories anymore. I got so tired of the long wait, that I pretty much will submit a story to only 3 or 4 places that all respond pretty quick before I give up on it and set it aside for reworking, or get it ready for self publishing if I really believe in it.

This year I plan to do a lot more reviewing, of books and movies. So far I’ve only been reviewing the ones that really stand out to me or make an impact on me, but for this year, I want to review every single movie I watch, even if it’s something old. I guess the only exception would be if I’ve already seen it, but even then I may try to have a go at it with a fresh perspective.

I also want to review every book I read (or listen to) this year. And though I want to read a lot more of them than I did this past year, I sort of doubt I’ll have the time.

So, look forward to much more regular posts featuring me rambling about a movie or book!

Hope you all have a nice holiday, and write something!


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