Cyborgs on the horizon

As the world of sci fi continues to invade real life, this week a double amputee was able to control two robotic arms simultaneously using only his mind. These are arms he was wearing on his body, walking around with, with no wires leashing him to a nearby computer or anything like that. These are arms he could use as a part of his own body.

I wonder, how far will this technology go? Surely there are many soldiers with similar injuries. Could it become commonplace to see people walking the streets with robotic limbs? What about someone with no arms or legs? With all four limbs robotic, their body-mass would be more mechanical than biological. What would that mean?

Imagine someone paralyzed from the neck down choosing to have their limbs amputated to be replaced with robotic ones. Or maybe they would choose to stay in bed, and mentally control some kind of robotic avatar.

No matter what direction this technology goes, I don’t think it’s going to be long before cyborgs and robots walking the streets becomes mundane.


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