To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf

Can a book be a work of art? The answer is yes, and I’ve read it.

The only way to read this novel is to do so the same way you might look at a painting.

A painting captures a moment, a feeling, a tone, it brings thoughts to your mind and makes you wonder and stare and imagine. If there are figures in the painting, you don’t expect know who is going where and doing what, what will happen next and so on. Maybe you look at the figures’ faces and postures and try to decipher their emotions and thoughts, and make up your own story about what is happening. Maybe it’s different every time you look. But you don’t look at a painting to be told a story. You look at it because it’s beautiful.

And this book is amazingly beautiful, and vivid, and evocative, and painful and sweet and alive. It is a stunning capture of a few moments in time. I hope you take a look, and enjoy it as much as I did.


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