Oh my God the dictionary!

I started reading it… and am wondering why I never did this before. It’s like walking through a treasure-filled cavern and snatching up any glinting piece that pulls my eye. So many words! I wish I had a randomized version of the dictionary so that all my new words wouldn’t start with A, but here are a few I never knew, and that I especially like:

ab·at·toir  (1820)    : SLAUGHTERHOUSE

abe·ce·dar·i·an  : one learning the rudiments of something (as the alphabet) abecedarian adj (1665)    1 a : of or relating to the alphabet  b : alphabetically arranged    2 : RUDIMENTARY

abu·lia  (ca. 1864)    : abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decisions — abu·lic \-lik\ adj

ace·dia (1607)    : APATHY, BOREDOM

And I’m only up to ‘ac’ 😮

What other discoveries await me?


Picture book?

My novella has some pictures in it, and strange things done with the formatting. I wonder how that will go over or who will like and dislike it…

I need to take one more picture to stick in there, and finish editing of course, then I will get to hear from some readers whether all these strange things I’ve done work or not.

Here’s hoping! At least they are easy to take out if they don’t go over well.

My books are free again

All my kindle catalog is free for this weekend!

Queen of Bones: About a soldier and a sorcerer tracking a murderer through a desert

In the Water: About an encounter with an alien that affects consciousness

Iapetus Shift: A Science Fiction Novella: About a shape-shifting assassin trying to get out of the business

Check them out, free, today and tomorrow, and if you like them please leave a review on Amazon–even just one sentence and a star rating is very helpful!


Are you a writer? Because a writer is someone who writes things, not someone who avoids writing things. That, my friend, is a procrastinator.

Stop thinking about it. Stop considering your options. Stop telling yourself ‘now isn’t the right time.’ Sit down, put your fingers over the keys/grab a pen, and WRITE.

There’s no such thing as a football player who just practices throwing passes all day and never plays a game. There’s no such thing as a chess player who just reads about chess. There’s no such thing as a programmer who talks all day about his killer app but hasn’t written a line of code in months. These people aren’t football players, chess players and programmers. They USED TO BE football players, chess players and programmers.

Don’t used to be a writer.





Writing works


So, it’s been most of a month since I started doing this daily thing, and I’ve already made more posts this month than the rest of the year combined, and had more likes than the rest of the year combined, by a lot. I’ve had close to half of all the comments this year, and more than 20% of all views for the entire year.

Are the quality of my posts any better? No, I don’t think so. Some of them are probably even worse than usual. But there are POSTS, not dead air. There is a reason to actually look at my blog when I write posts for it! 😮

How about that!

I encourage all you writers out there to give writing a try.

Write write write write!



I watched this drama / thriller featuring Jake Gyllenhaal a couple weeks ago, but haven’t posted about it yet cause I’ve been traveling back and forth over the pacific ocean.

In this movie, Jake plays an out of work sociopath who starts out stealing chain link fences to sell for scrap metal, then finds his calling in hawking footage of accidents and crimes to news stations.

The concept of this movie is really intriguing, and it portrays the news stations as greedy companies who market and sell tragedy. What really sells this film though, is Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance. He manages to be unnervingly creepy and likable at the same time, and you really feel like you can see the manipulative workings turning in his head through  the look in his eyes.

If you aren’t already disgusted with TV news, you will be after watching this. Regardless of how realistic it is or not, the fact that it’s believable should tell you something. This story really highlights the exploitative and manipulative nature of the news, and Gyllenhaal’s character is like a personification of those characteristics. He exploits his one employee, in the most extreme way possible. He manipulates and coerces the TV executives. And he fits right in in that world.

This is a fast paced, exciting, thoughtful, and slightly disturbing and dark movie that will make you question the morality of what you see on TV, if you don’t already. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys dark movies, or anyone who wants to see an especially good performance.

Check it out!

Ad lib writing

I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately, and what I have been doing has been completely improvised and for no purpose other than my own entertainment. Of course, I do hope other people end up enjoying it, but if they didn’t and told me to stop, I wouldn’t.

It’s sort of cathartic, liberating even, to write without a care of the outcome. To purely improvise with imagination the only tool. With zero planning and plotting, with every stroke and twist of story coming as if drawn from thin air. Maybe I enjoy this kind of writing because I’m good at it, but I find it exercises a certain kind of imagination, an unfiltered, unedited creation that can be a great resource.

I recommend any of you writers to try it as well. Write with careless abandon, reckless glee. Change nothing, edit nothing, disregard punctuation and spelling if you wish. Just write write write. And the ideas you’ll find flowing out of your head may surprise you in their quality. And even if you control + a delete the whole lot of it, the scenes and scenarios and ideas that came from it can be used elsewhere. And you’ll get much practice stitching unrelated themes and characters together and forcing them to make sense.