Alternate Worlds: in which everyone sleeps at the same time

A genetic switch in our brain sends us into a deep sleep for 8 hours every day at exactly the same time, no matter where on earth you are.  If you are in an area where that 8 hours lines up with all your daylight, then that’s just how it is. People tend to move to areas with daylight during waking hours, and the cheaper living is in areas of night.

All machinery has to be made able to operate untended for 8 hours in a row. In order to leave less downtime, many people have ‘split shifts’ meaning they work a few hours, collapse into biologically forced unconsciousness while at their posts, then wake to keep working afterward.

In this world, artificial intelligence would be perfected and accepted much quicker than in our world, simply due to necessity. The AI’s would be used to enforce a curfew, and to move people who collapsed outside and may be eaten by animals.



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