Rewriting someone else

In 1Q84, a writer is rewriting the novel of a dyslexic teen who dictated the entire thing to a friend. He finds passion in rewriting it, because the story is very appealing to him and he wants to improve the writing to bring out the nugget of goodness within it.

I wonder if I could ever find energy to rewrite someone else’s work. I’m not so sure I could. If the story is already written, and already exists, in whatever form, I find I have less energy to create or change it. I have no desire to write fan fiction, for example, or ‘extended universe’ stories. I have far less energy to work on a story of mine after I’ve reached the end. I don’t know that I could ever find the energy to write about the same characters more than once, even.

I wonder about authors with ten or twenty novels in the same world with the same characters. I wonder how they stand it. Probably the paycheck helps.


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  1. I have 19Q4 but I haven’t read it yet. Your short review makes me wanna read it. Also, your thoughts here differ so much with mine. I find it positive. I actually write fanfiction. A lot of fanfiction. I find it rewarding to explore shows that had the potential to be more. At the same time, your post made me realise there are some shows I am annoyed with or already did so much that starting another ‘extended universe’, ‘Alternate Universe’ or rewrite of it doesn’t really do it good. An example is Harry Potter. Yes, I did start writing a Harry Potter fic in my teens. But, I didn’t continue with it and after the series was over I think I just didn’t feel like writing it. Rowling went in a direction I didn’t completely agree with. There were some things in her story that also I felt had horrible plot holes and I didn’t wish to fill them up as HP is such a notable franchise. I had similar feelings with Legend of Korra but not The Last Airbender. With the former I was severely disappointed. What started out as a great show turned to be a train wreck. With the latter it was VERY WELL DONE to the point, even if the ending did not satisfy me completely, I can say plotwise and character wise they did so much more for TLA than they did for LOK. As I grow older I also drift away from fanfiction a bit because I always wanted to write my own original stories. Even my fanfiction are pretty much original stories with well-known characters. Also, modern day fanfiction has a lot to do with shipping. And, I am not always into shipping. I may write stories with romance but not shipping per say in mind. This has more or less been my temperament since I wrote fanfiction. Seeing now I want to write my own work I guess fanfiction is pretty much gonna take a backseat.

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