When your viewpoint character is the least interesting character in the story, this might be a problem.

I’d rather read about Borne. I’d rather read about Wick. I’d rather read about ‘the Magician.’ I’d rather read about Morde the giant bear. I’d rather read about the mysterious scientists in the Company building. I’d rather read about any of the random scavengers she encounters in the wasteland.

I don’t know anything about Rachel, other than she had a nice dinner once when she was a child, and now lives in a wasteland. That’s the one bit of backstory I’ve got. I don’t know what her dreams or desires are, I don’t know what her motivation is. She’s just a pair of eyes for me to see the world through.

I don’t know why she became so obsessed with this alien blob creature thing. (did she lose a child and he’s a replacement? Did she always want a child but couldn’t have one?) But I guess I’ll try to accept it. But now Borne has left the picture, and she’s wandering around aimlessly feeling empty. The story feels that way too. Wandering aimlessly, nothing happening seems to matter to the character, or to me. Is this just filler?

When the character doesn’t want or fear anything it’s hard for me to care.

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