Book Points

While I’m forcing my way through The Glass Bead Game to make sure I can add a point to my ‘books read this year’ score, I’m really enjoying the Crimson Petal and the White.

I’m two thirds the way through the 900 page monster, and loving every chapter. It calls me back every time I put it down, and keeps me peeking at my phone for a page or three.

Shouldn’t that be the defining mark of a good story? I’m reading two–one of them I care what happens next, the other, I don’t (unless I’m hearing ‘the end’ and can move on. )

Maybe I’ve grown less patient for stories after reading so many. Maybe it’s not aimed at me. Maybe. But I think Glass Bead just is too far up it’s own ass with meaning to care about entertaining the reader, while Crimson Petal  has me laughing and gasping and cringing and turning pages.

Just my opinion…


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