The disappeared

I finished it, and was over all underwhelmed.

A detective story is not very entertaining when there is no mystery. That is the number one rule to learn from this, I think.

Second thing to learn is that I don’t care about a character’s emotions just because you tell me to. Show, don’t tell.

A major plot point in this story is aliens coming to take away human children as payment for the crimes of the parents. We are told over and over how horrible it is for the parents to lose their children, and how awful it will be for the poor kids to live with the aliens, but never shown. We never see anyone actually lose a child, we never see where these children might go or what they might experience. All we get are things like ‘it would be a day seared into his memory forever’ and ‘the pain, and sadness were very bad and he was sad and also mad’ to paraphrase in a snarky way.

So there was no mystery, and no surprises really either, no big reveals, no twists, no character development either that I could tell. The character I liked most was not the main character, and I’m not sure but she was maybe supposed to be a villain?

Anyway, not recommended. Sad, cause I thought I’d found a sci fi detective series to read!



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