Can pantsers write mysteries?

I’ve always wanted to write a murder mystery. I’m a big fan of Columbo, Poirot, Jessica Fletcher and all the other sleuths. I’ve often felt the desire to create my own detective, but am held back by the perceived complexity of writing a mystery, and my own improvisational writing style.

In other words, I feel like a pantser can’t write a good murder mystery.

If I, a hardcore pantser, were to write a mystery, I probably wouldn’t know who the killer was till halfway or more through the book. With all the clues and motivations that are required, I feel intimidated and unsure I’d be able to pull it off.

My character would be awesome though!

But I think most people are drawn to murder mysteries by the idea of being able to solve them, and I am not sure how good at that I’d be…

Any pantsers out there write mystery? How difficult is it?


One Reply to “Can pantsers write mysteries?”

  1. I had to look up the word pantser and realise I am pretty much the same kind of writer. Thing is I do concoct mysteries in my head. I am not sure if they are good. I once wrote something akin to thriller with a twist ending but it wasn’t completely good as there was necessarily no action. The writing was a process of passivity, assumptions based on surface interactions, using people’s assumptions to juxtapose one’s own actions on the sly and the twist was the character perversions and how an innocuous type person can be quite content with their own insanity. But, I will say, good or not, I am glad I wrote that piece. It was important, even though I am a pantser to write that. It was fun and gives me hope to write more. So, even if there are bad attempts a pantser may eventually write something worthwhile in the detective genre. Crafting a detective character. Maybe, I should try something like that too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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