Will the undead ever die?


I for one, am quite tired of this genre. Zombies, vampires, ghosts, and so on. They never go away. Even the current book I’m reading, ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’, turned out to be a zombie story– although they put a small twist on it. The story is good in spite of the zombies, not because of them.

Maybe I’m alone in wishing for new monsters. People do seem to be more comfortable with the familiar, in general, but I’m really just worn out by it. Zombies, dystopias, the ragtag group of survivors trekking through a broke-down world. When will the public tire of it? Will they ever? It’s been 60+ years of telling the same stories over and over and it hasn’t so, who knows.

Maybe this is why I almost exclusively read sci fi. It’s where the new ideas are. Stuff that hasn’t been worn so thin you can see right through it to the other side of the story before you even open to the first page.

I wonder what the next fresh idea to be ground to dust, pressed back together, and ground away again will be…

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