Always make the best move possible

When I was a kid we had a chess set, and the little booklet that came with it had a list of tips. I only remember one of them, the first one: “Always play the best move possible.” We always thought that was hilarious, because, of course you want to play the best move, you just don’t always know what it is. But now thinking back on it I wonder if it had a different meaning. Maybe some people, seeing a good move, would hold on to it, save it for later, and the booklet was trying to say ‘no, just play it when you see it!’

I think people do the same thing when writing, I know I did. You get a great idea, one you love, one that inspires you and fuels your passion to write. And then hold on to it, waiting for the right time, waiting till you’re better, or any other number of reasons to not use it.

Well, I say, ‘always use the best idea possible!’ You’ve had a million ideas before and you’ll have a million more, ideas are infinite in your wonderful brain!

Use all your ideas as you get them. Because, like anything, if that idea sits there too long it will go stale. You’re always going to find something newer and more interesting to write, so you need to write the idea you have while it is still exciting to you, instead of saving it for later.


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