It’s time

For daily blogging!

I have at least one thought a day, don’t I? We all must, or what would life be but a series of autonomous responses to our environment?

I am going to write down thoughts! What a concept. And what better place than here for the world to see! Or more likely ignore, and possibly unsubscribe after daily thought-spam.

Oh well. My fingers need the exercise. Let’s see how many days in a row I can make it, and why wait till the new year for this resolution? Every day is the beginning of a new year, so lets go!

First thoughts:

Why does everyone write the same first-person pov character? They are all snarky ‘quirky’ arrogant pricks. Is it just a vehicle for the author’s ego? What is it?? Whatever it is, it’s annoying. Stop it. Just write a normal person. Or better yet write in third person so I don’t have to hang around in the head of an asshole and can just observe them being their quirky, unique, witty selves from a distance.

Till tomorrow!


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