Week 10 and Borges

I finished a sort of thing this week. It’s barely a story, more a rambling about erasing and altering memories. Once again I didn’t use the song prompt, but it’s a good one so I might use it next week.

I discovered Jorge Luis Borges this week also, who somehow had escaped my awareness until now. I’ve read only a few of his stories so far but have been impressed by each one. They are the sort of stories I want to write, and I’m going to try to draw some inspiration from them.

Read The Library of Babel for an idea what he’s about. Huge ideas compressed into short shorts, quick and powerful.

I’m going to be reading a lot of him and probably trying to copy his style over the next few weeks.



One Reply to “Week 10 and Borges”

  1. I recommend buying his collected fiction works — it’s a single volume. He had a small output unfortunately — wrote some average poetry and some gorgeous (very much like his stories) non-fiction.

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