week 9

I nearly gave up this week, then I came across a story I’d started writing a month or two back and got re-inspired by it, and finished it.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever managed to come back to a project that I put on hold. Most the time when I ‘take a break’ from something, it is forever in the drawer, never to be worked on again. Maybe, there is hope for me ever having multiple projects at once after all!

The story was sort of fairy-tale ish, about the Queen of Time, who makes the seconds tick by but can have take no part in all the happenings she observes. It wasn’t inspired by this weeks prompt but sort of fits with it anyway so I’m going to go ahead and check it off my list.

I’m beginning to question whether it’s possible to write anything worthwhile with only a week to think about it. But either way this challenge is getting a lot of writing out of me, and hopefully there is gems of goodness in some of these stories that can be polished up later.

Week ten, here I come!


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