week 6 and Jane Eyre

This week I again paused from my regular song prompts to do something for a contest among friends. I was required to write a story about a picture of a creepy looking swing set, which didn’t much appeal to me. So I took it literally and wrote about an actual picture of a swing set that someone carried with them, and why.

I just finished it up, but thankfully I still have some time to edit before the contest deadline. I think i’ll be doing more of the song prompts from now on!


Also, I finished reading Jane Eyre, which I really enjoyed! A friend of mine who’s always talking about it convinced me to read the first chapter, and it sucked me right in! I’m sure there is lots of literary analysis to be done about it, and meanings to elicit and deepness to discover, but I just read it as entertainment, and it succeeded very well at that.

Right from the start I found myself attached to the character of Jane and wondering what would become of her. Every character in the novel is vivid, deep and interesting. I recommend it to anyone with good taste!


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