Secret good news.

I can now share the news I had from last week 🙂

My story ‘Repossession’ will be appearing in Fireside Magazine sometime next year, in either issue four, five or six.

Fireside is a genre-less magazine, ‘no genre’s, no limits, just good stories’  is their motto, and I like the idea a lot myself 🙂

I like to be surprised when I’m reading, when I get a new book I make a point never to read the synopsis, and usually just make my choice based on friends recommendations. I like not knowing what’s coming, and not even knowing what genre of story I’m reading sounds even better!

So, if you have a story that you don’t quite know the genre, or you don’t want it to be defined solely by its genre, this would be a good place to send it. And if you want to read stories that are just good, regardless of what they are about, then you should check out this magazine as well!

‘Repossession’ is not a sci-fi tale for a change, and is the first non sci-fi story I’ve sold. It is about survival, and what people will give up in order to live.

Keep an eye on this mag, I think it’s going to be a big one soon, and keep an eye out for my story sometime next year 🙂



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