More found writing

Looking through my old unfinished writing for some new ideas and found this. I think it’s good enough as it is xD



Malfeasance swept ebony hair away from his eyes and lit a match under his clove cigarette.

“Mortals just don’t understand us,” he said darkly.

Jill and Tom nodded at him, but they didn’t really understand like he did. They were so young, and had yet to experience the harsh brutality of unlife.

“Mortals are stupid.” Jill looked at her black fingernails.

“Yeah, they just don’t know,” Tom added with a nod.

A cool breeze sent a cluster of dried leaves scratching against a nearby gravestone and the last rays of sun disappeared behind the horizon.

“It’s time,” said Malfeasance broodingly. “Our dark souls will never be at peace alone, commence the summoning.” The darkness of his voice had an aura of timeless misery.

Jill must have felt it; she stared at him with sorrowful eyes. “My mom wouldn’t get the candles from Bed Bath and Beyond, she said I had too many already.”


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