has been done this year, it seems, but work. already the first month is ending and I have nothing to show for it but stress and distraction. we exist for a fraction of a second on this mote of dust and we spend that time doing nothing, sleeping, working, thinking about working, eating, driving, getting up, laying down, everything except thinking. living is thinking, thinking is living, the only thing that separates us from grass and we have no time for it. we’ve built our society into a machine that we use to torture ourselves. instead of exploring the world internal and external we’ve locked ourselves both body and mind in a cramped cage of hours and dollars and we jealously punish anyone of us who tries to break out. we all participate. we all guard and enforce the masochistic selftorture, the completely pointless shriveling of the mind, the worship of drudgery and toil. we have decided we are made for work, not living, not thinking, and we have built a world of work, which we ruthlessly enforce on ourselves

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