Always be dreaming

I’ve been having trouble writing, because I haven’t been thinking.

Now, since I’ve started spending more time each day just drifting, mentally, I find I’m a lot more inspired.

I think mind-wandering is important for me. It’s hard when we are all currently surrounded by chaos, evil, and death, but all that stress and anxiety makes it all the more important to just breathe for a while now and then.

I try to take some time each day to dream, to imagine, to explore alternate realities and strange possibilities. It can be hard sometimes to let yourself wander. It’s so easy to think ‘I should be doing something else’ and start listing out all the tasks you have ahead. But that is not relaxing or inspiring.

Even just fifteen minutes each day, to just let my mind breath, unguided, and see what ideas present themselves, has been a great improvement to my writing productivity.

What will you dream if you let yourself rest?


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