Avoid the void


Which world is the dream world…

What does your mind do while you’re away? Could your dream world be more important and enriching than waking life?

Our days so often seem like meaningless survival, as if our consciousness is just a way to keep us eating and procreating, the same way a section of our brain keeps our hearts beating and lungs breathing.

Is consciousness just an autonomic function, while our subconscious in the dream world is where our important mental lives are?

How could one unite those two consciousnesses for the full experience…

Star sand

One of my co workers brought back some star sand for me from a beach in Taiwan. The star shaped grains of sand are actually tiny exoskeletons of foraminifers, a marine protozoa. These creatures lived on the ocean floor, but their skeletons are washed up by the tide. Walking along a beach like that, you would be walking over millions of skeletal remains of creatures from an alien world you’ll never visit…Nature is strange, and interesting…


This moment, right now, is the only truth, the only reality. What I feel, think, and am experiencing in this instant is all that can be said to be real. Tomorrow, I won’t remember this, or if I do it will be tinted by other thoughts, feelings, biases, distractions, just as all my other experiences have been before this.

Memories can not be trusted. Perceptions can not be trusted. The past and future are both hazy fogs of uncertainty. The only solid is Now, and Now is still viewed through a lens created by past experiences–be those experiences real or imagined.

I am a bundle of sensory input tumbling through a world of my own description.

So, might as well enjoy it… *pours an expensive whiskey*