Pictures–they are fun?

I have been taking lots of photos because my new phone has an amazing camera… maybe they will show up here? Photos on a writing blog?? What is the world coming to…

I think photography is similar to writing in that you take a situation and slice out the portion you want to show the audience. You zoom in on a specific aspect, and the rest fades into the background. You can’t describe everything, in writing or photography, or the picture becomes something more utilitarian and less artistic. Like an aerial view of a city with no visible people, versus close up shots of people doing things. You could say that is something like world building versus character development.

Time to snap some photos of every leaf or bug I see anywhere. Yay.


2 Replies to “Pictures–they are fun?”

  1. I recently made a blog post about how photography can help inspire writing. I enjoy going to antique stores and picking through old photographs to develop stories about the “characters.” Humans are incredibly visual, so I think it’s great you’re tapping into photography! Happy writing!

    1. Thanks Kris 🙂 I also find old pictures fascinating… little preserved slices of time. I wonder what was going through the minds of the people at that exact moment, and what they would have thought if they knew strangers decades in the future would be looking at them…

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