Game of thrones season 7 episode 02 spoilers

So does Grey Worm have a worm or not?

Screw all Greyjoys except Yara

We’ve been overdue for some Varys awesomeness and boy is he awesome. He knows just what to say to make Dani like him. Such a pro.

I was the only one in my viewing group that was sad Arya turned back toward Winterfell. I want her to complete her list!

Samwell slicing off Jorah’s nipple then a cut right to someone cracking open a hot pie was so perfect we had to rewind and watch it a second time. WTF

I hope Sansa takes over the north and somehow takes the reigns from Jon

The whole meeting of Jon and Dani seems really rushed and contrived but the season is short and we got to get there some point so…

A mountain of dragonglass seems too late when the zombies are already crossing into the north… seems it would take years to set up a mining/smithing operation or whatever. I don’t understand time on this show.

Euron just showed up randomly last season and started killing well established people. This is not good writing. It is a cheaty way to make us instantly hate someone. I don’t like hating someone because so far on this show you can kind of get behind everyone even if they are garbage. This guy, though, is not likable in any way and is killing cool characters. So, they better kill him off soon in a satisfying way.


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