Time is water pouring through a seive

Blink and you’re thirty. Blink again and you’re dead. I’m listening to the ticking of the hands on a clock working overtime and thinking. “I’m never going to get all of the things I want to do, done.”

If I let things sit unfinished, they will never be finished. I can’t afford to let projects languish when I could wake up tomorrow and be fifty, or dead.

So maybe I better not let this novel sit. Because who knows how long it will sit and how many other things will get in my way. I’ve got to edit edit and edit, and rewrite and plow forward to get this thing complete before I start on anything else. So yeah, that other novel I was just talking about? I think that will probably have to wait. I have very limited time and I’m not finished yet.

Let’s get it done!


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