Clearing my mind

Before I get to work on cleaning up the novel I just finished, I think I’d do good to ‘cleanse my palate’ so to speak. So I’m aiming to write a couple short stories to take my mind off it. I am already halfway through one (I hope).

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of a blank page. I look at it, and don’t know quite what to say. I haven’t seen you in seven ages, blank page! It’s such a nice feeling, knowing I can write anything. Any idea that appeals to me, any character, any random thought. A blank slate to fill with whatever I want!

But, I’m also coming to realize that shorts don’t seem as fun to me anymore after writing something so long and involved. You can’t get deep into ideas or feelings or anything really, without a lot of pages to work with.

So, after a couple shorts, it will be on to the next novel! And it’s going to be something completely new and unrelated to the previous one. No series for me.


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