When I first saw the trailer for this Sci Fi action movie, I found myself rolling my eyes a bit. The theme is a bit played out: rich versus poor, social commentary, etc. You kind of know what to expect. So I didn’t watch it for a while.

After watching it, it sort of was what I expected, but was more entertaining than I thought it would be.

The message is clear, of course. The average working person is screwed by the rich elite who actively avoid providing healthcare and would rather just let people die than suffer the inconvenience of being around poors.

The idea that the rich up in space have these magic machines that will cure all illness with the press of a button, but they won’t send any down to earth because…? Isn’t really that hard to believe because people are shit in real life too. And companies will gladly deny  healthcare and let people die if it saves them a few dollars. So I didn’t find that hard to believe at all. They didn’t even need to try to explain it.

The action was fun and exciting, some of the dialogue was a bit ham handed, Only one scene really irritated me and that was when after someone had their face …damaged, lets say, he is put in one of the healing machines and it regenerates his face back together. The annoying thing is that the guy had a beard, and after the regeneration his beard is all back to normal too. How is this machine gunna know how long his chin hair was? It would have been a lot cooler if part of his beard was missing after his face grew back, and would have made the technology seem a lot more real instead of just a magic fixit button.

Overall I liked the movie and would recommend it to Sci Fi and action movie fans alike. Even though the theme might be a bit overdone, it’s one I think most people can identify with.


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