The final Hobbit movie, or “WAAARRRRR”

I just watched this in the bargain theater in my town, at 3.50$ a ticket, and it was worth it. I also saw the second movie a while ago, sort of, I think I fell asleep before finishing it, so consider this a sort of review of that movie also. I don’t really remember what happened in the second movie. I think the dwarves went down a river in barrels and hid under some fish, and Stephen Fry was in it. It was sort of boring if I remember.

This third Hobbit movie was pretty fun. I didn’t remember a lot of what was going on, but I still enjoyed it. Gandalf was in a cage for some reason, but he escaped. The bard guy shoots a giant arrow at the dragon and kills it right in the beginning of the movie, so that sort of gave the rest of the movie a lot to live up to,  and it didn’t do a bad job.

In this movie, whenever anyone says the word ‘war’ their voice goes all deep and growly sounding and full of extra bass.

There are a bunch of armies all fighting for the gold in the mountain, I guess. And Kate from Lost is in love with a dwarf. And Legolas tries real hard not to look old.

I liked the parts about Thorin’s obsession with the treasure and the Arkenstone. They did a good job at showing it corrupting him and making him unreasonable and crazy. I do wonder what the heck that stone was for, or what powers it had, it seemed magical but I was never sure what it was other than an heirloom of some kind.

Watching that weasily guy who was Stephen Fry’s lackey was pretty fun, but more Stephen Fry instead would have been better.

Martin Freeman has some good lines and is funny and great as the hobbit and the best part of all of these movies and probably should have been more of a focus in the movies.

This was probably the best one of the three, but really there should not have been three movies. There should have been one short, to the point, fun, adventure movie, just like the book was short, to the point and a fun adventure story. Instead we got a long, drawn out, over dramatic epic. I guess that gets you more money, though.

Anyway, glad I watched these eventually, as I was a big fan of the LOTR movies, but probably won’t watch them again, and next time I get an urge for LOTR, I’ll just watch the original three movies.


2 Replies to “The final Hobbit movie, or “WAAARRRRR””

    1. The third movie was by far the best of the three. It had more tension because people were actually dying, and the story was more focused and there were less drawn out, pointless action scenes.

      In second place is the first movie, because it has the most memorable scenes for me. The trolls turning to stone, Golum and the riddles, the spiders. The second movie seemed extraneous filler, and you could probably skip it and still enjoy the other two just as much.

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