Flight of the Silvers

I just finished this novel by Daniel Price, and for the first time since my childhood, I listened to it on audiobook.

I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately, so have picked up an Audible subscription.

This book was very entertaining and gave me lots of ideas to steal. It begins with the end of the world, from which a few people are saved at the last moment, pulled through a portal to an alternate universe. Once there, they all start getting strange, time related powers.

Though the plot was very engaging and the action heart-pounding and the ideas interesting, where this one really nails it is the characters. They are all unique and realistic, in that each of them irritated me in some way. Just the way people in real life do, all the characters had their problems and disagreements and dumb ideas and their own bad sides. The bickering and bantering between them felt genuine, and made them feel all the more like real people. That the narrator had a different accent / cadence / tone for each one of them might have  helped too.

Though I enjoyed this immensely and am waiting eagerly for the next in the series, I did have some problems with the storytelling.




A main part of the story-line is the characters’ curiosity about and interactions with Isis and Azrel (not sure if I’m spelling this right, as I said, only had the audio version) these are two god-like characters with seemingly no end to their powers. And… they keep saving the characters. Every time they get in trouble, oh, they are saved just in time by Isis or Azrel. Every time they are about to have to make a hard choice, Isis or Azrel show up and make it for them. They are constantly being hand held or saved by this deus ex machina duo. The author does hide it a bit by having the characters be terrified/angry at the two throughout, but it sort of puts a damper on any danger they get in when presto, Isis appears to save the day. It would have been infinitely more satisfying to just have the damn characters solve a problem for themselves for once. Hopefully this is just due to it being the first book and the characters being sort of lost and floundering in their new world. I  hope in the next books they are more proactive.





Anyway, it was a five star book for sure, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It has drama, believable characters, action, a bit of romance, and a really great sci fi element with a pack of interesting ideas that I’m going to steal for some of my shorts.

Check it out!

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