Edge of Tomorrow

Remember Groundhogs Day? Where Bill Murray keeps living the same day over and over no matter what he does? Imagine if, instead of Punxsutawney,  Bill was in space fighting aliens when his day started repeating, and you’ll have an idea what this movie is like.

Tom Cruise plays an officer, Cage, who is placed in the front lines of combat as a private after a failed attempt to blackmail a general. The enemy is an alien invader that seems to always know where the next attack will come from. After Cage dies while killing one of the aliens, he wakes up that same morning and the day starts all over again.

This movie was funny, fun, exciting and creative, and the story mostly made sense, making it one of the better sci-fi / action movies I’ve seen in a couple years. Many things could have gone wrong, but didn’t. When I first saw the trailer for this, I was worried about Tom Cruise in the role, because he just seems too big a character sometimes. But Cruise managed to turn the cocky, slimy coward that Cage was at the start of the movie, into a likable hero by the end.

I also expected a forced romance between Cage and Rita (Emily Blunt)–who trains him, though they have to meet for the first time every day–and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t manifest.

Overall it was a well put together, smart and very enjoyable movie, and under two hours! See Hollywood? You don’t have to make everything three hours long!

I’d recommend this to any sci fi or action fans, and maybe even any big fans of Groundhogs Day, just for another perspective on being stuck in such a loop.


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  1. It is actually based on a Japanese Light novel. Keiji is the reason why Crusie name is Cage in the movie.

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