Under the Skin

I watched this slow-burning, surreal sci-fi movie a few days ago, and it’s still rattling around in my head. Especially the soundtrack.

Scarlet Johansson plays some kind of alien in human form who seduces men, leading them to their death. This sounds horribly cliche’d and uninteresting, and the plot as it is could have gone wrong in so many irritating or overdone ways ( see Species). What it did instead was blow my expectations to pieces.

If you enjoy having to think about what is happening in a movie, and piece together the story from subtle clues; if you enjoy being unsure of what happens next( imagine that!), unsure of what exactly it is you just saw, and unsure of what you are feeling and why; if you enjoy sci fi that doesn’t treat you like a child, then you might just love this movie as much as I did.

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It was good looking, smart, creepy, sometimes disturbing, sometimes thrilling, and never disappointing.

Being able to put Scarlet Johansson naked on screen and have me barely even notice because I’m so unnerved and intensely interested in what is going on in the story is a feat that not many movies could achieve.

Also, the music will be stuck in your head for days.

I miss these kinds of thoughtful movies, especially of the sci-fi variety. A lot of it is about the ambiance, and the buildup. There are no explosions or sharp spaceships or chase scenes or witty one-liners or people being punched in the face without being bruised–but the slow realism that surrounds the weird aspects make them all the more unsettling.

Anyway, I loved it, and I recommend it to any adult with an attention span. It does have some graphic nudity, so maybe you should also be the kind of adult who wont define an entire movie by the few seconds where a penis was on screen.

Otherwise, watch it!


5 Replies to “Under the Skin”

  1. JOnas I saw the trailer but HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE STORY WAS ABOUT! 😦 Next time a bit of a spoiler alert 😦

    1. Sorry! Most of what I said is learned in the first scene of the film though, and there is a whole other plot line that I didn’t even mention, so you are still in for surprises 🙂

      1. Actually the wiki synopsis of the book its based on seems more interesting than the plotline of the movie. I think its important to read the book

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    “Being able to put Scarlet Johansson naked on screen and have me barely even notice because I’m so unnerved and intensely interested in what is going on in the story is a feat that not many movies could achieve.”

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