New Year

Happy 2014! 2014 sounds like a futuristic year, doesn’t it? It has a good vibe, a nice tone, I think it will be a good year.

The year is over and it’s time to add up things, this year I submitted 33 times and sold 1 story, i read 15 novels, or 16 if you count the one I’m nearly done with, which I think I will because I read a majority of it this year. I don’t know how many stories I wrote, exactly, because I wasn’t keeping close track, but I intend to keep track this year.

I plan to continue my weekly story until I make it to October, then I’ll see what I feel like doing, but I definitely want to have 100 submissions this year and read 52 novels, or more. Oh, and sell a couple stories as well. That would be nice.

Happy new year everyone, I wish you luck and happiness in our amazing and interesting future!


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