Week 11 and The Demolished Man

I have survived another week, and read another Alfred Bester novel.

This week I wrote about a duel fought with time guns… yeah, probably just as dumb as it sounds.

I also read The Demolished Man, by Alfred Bester. It’s the story of a murder committed in a world full of telepaths–a world that hasn’t seen such a crime in 70 years because the telepaths can detect the intent before the crime is carried out.

The story goes over the planning of the crime and all the ways used to avoid mental detection, it’s interesting and fast paced and a lot of fun. Toward the end it gets a bit weird, but still holds together.

Not as memorable as The Stars my Destination, but still a great read (as you can tell its only been a few days since my last post) and recommended to action and mystery fans as well as sci fi fans.



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