Just finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s new book, Steelheart. I bought it without realizing it was a YA book, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

It takes place in a near future where people all around the work begin getting superpowers. Except, they don’t become heroes, they take over the world.

Our protagonist joins a group of rebels trying to figure out the weaknesses of the people with powers, called ‘Epics’. They find the weaknesses of the Epics and try to kill them.

It’s an interesting look at superpowers. Would people with such power use it for good, really? Would any of them? Or is it true that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

The YAness of it did shine through at times, and I found myself rolling my eyes at some of it. But it was enjoyable for sure.

I’d very highly recommend this to anyone interested in superheros and comics, and definitely to anyone with kids they are trying to get interested in reading. This one will grab you and not let go till the end.


2 Replies to “Steelheart”

  1. The YA was fine E.S.. from Sanderson, (Read his “Evil Librarians” books for a good YA laugh). I do hope there will be more from this series.

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