Okay, Ray

Ray Bradbury once advised that before one writes a novel, they should first write a story per week for a year.

So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve scheduled my first story to be done on the 6th next month, and after that, one per week every week until i get 52.

I won’t be posting them here, because I’ll be submitting them places. You may see a few that turn out so silly or strange that I don’t think they have any chance in any market, but mostly you’ll just be seeing updates on my progress. On the right, where you see my submissions and what books I’m reading, I’ve added a new counter for stories written, and streak. Hopefully they stay exactly the same, but even if I end up missing a week, I’m definitely going to finish the year out.

This is going to be an exciting year packed full of writing, I’m looking forward to stretching and strengthening my writing muscles, and after the year, I’ll start focusing more on a novel.

If any of you fellow writers want to join me on my quest, feel free to comment and link to your blog so we can keep each other in line!

Okay, Ray, here I go!



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