Three Seconds

It’s up in the latest issue of IGMS! Read it here.  Unfortunately you have to subscribe to read the whole thing.

The artwork by Jin Han is awesome and is a great representation of the story!

Check it out!

2 Replies to “Three Seconds”

  1. I read this in a bout of early-morning insomnia, and LOVED it. Really intriguing idea, and I really enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the different ways to destroy things.

    Was the root of this story thoughts on the Holy Trinity? Or was having three characters just sort of a necessity for the plot? I’m curious about how this concept came about.

    1. Hi Jared, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

      The idea started simply as three people trapped in a void. I wondered what people might argue about with no influences around other than themselves. As I started writing, though, they evolved into more than human, into more representatives of certain parts of the human psyche. Creative and destructive passions, and restraint.

      Alec represented, to me, that part of ourselves that says ‘i can’t do it’. The part that holds back for fear of failure and judgement, the part of every creative person that worries if they’ll do a good job or do it right, the harsh internal critic we all have.

      The message, so to speak, was to defeat that part of yourself. If you can defeat your own restraint, your world will explode with creation!

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