Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie

I just finished reading this, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Though this is one of the more famous mystery novels/movies out there, I somehow made it this far in life without it being spoiled for me, and am very glad for it!

The story was fun, with a few twists, and of course the charming character of Hercule Poirot. And I didn’t guess the end!

Despite the focus being mostly on dialogue, I had a very clear picture of each character in my head, all unique and memorable.

The only thing I found trying was the over-use of adverbs, especially in dialogue tags. Many of them being words I’d never seen -ly attached to before. ‘Comprehendingly’ and ‘meaningly’ being some of the more strange ones.

Nevertheless, I had a fun time with it, so much so that after I finished it, i read through her most famous short story ‘three blind mice’. This one I did guess the end to correctly, but enjoyed it no less for it. It too had very memorable and vivid characters, and lots of reason to suspect each of them. A very fun and quick read which I recommend if you can find it.

I’ll certainly be endeavoring to read more of Christie’s work in the future, and perhaps writing a mystery of my own!

Or… will I?


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