Always breaking down. Well, mine are anyway. Probably because I buy 1000$ ones one craigslist once per year…

I look forward to a day when public transportation can actually get you where you need to go, and in a reasonable time.  If the bus would get me to work, I’d take it! And go without a car till I could afford one…

What’s next for buses? Self driven buses that run 24/7? Electric powered and on a continuous circuit? That would be convenient.

Self driving cars would also be nice, and are in our near future. Though I would miss driving, imagine being able to lay down in the back seat and read a book during your commute. Or get a few extra minutes of sleep. You could store a wardrobe in your car and just tumble out of bed and get dressed on the way to work. Cars would probably evolve to be traveling rooms, so that you could sit in a comfy chair and watch tv, or even cook breakfast while you waited to arrive at your destination.

With all the cars on the road communicating with each other, there would be virtually no accidents and a drastic reduction in traffic.

One could signal a taxi with an app one their phone, and have the self driving vehicle arrive by locating your signal. Then just swipe your card and ride.

If only easily affordable and reliable transportation weren’t a thing of the future…


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