A nice day

Today was eventful.

First, my story was mailed out to the DSF subscribers, and I’ve gotten a very positive response so far, thank you all for the comments! This is my first major sale, and I’m excited that people have enjoyed it. It’s the best feeling for me, knowing that I’ve entertained someone, that I’ve made them laugh or think or cringe or gasp. Seeing the comments here and on the facebook page really gave me a sort of high I haven’t felt that strongly before.

Second, ‘Three Seconds’, that story that I screwed up the formatting on, was finally rejected. And, I found out what caused it. When I went to send it off to Lightspeed earlier, I opened it in Open Office, because word takes forever to load for me, and when I went to save it after making a few changes, everything became corrupted! So… that must have been what happened last time and I just didn’t notice, so I’m not a complete blind moron, just a regular moron. Anyway, after repairing it I sent it out to Lightspeed magazine, and will hopefully hear back soon!

Finally, I pulled the trigger on my Colorado trip. I’ve told my bosses I’m leaving the company and I’ve made the obligatory facebook post telling everyone of my plans. So now it’s official: in about a month I’ll be throwing everything I own into my beat up Nissan and driving 1600 miles to Longmont, where I will basically be on vacation till my money runs out and I’m forced to get a job. Adventure time!

Thanks everyone for reading and for your thoughts 🙂


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