Sleep and Stories.

I finished writing a story last week which I was going to post here, but then after I was finished I thought ‘hey this is pretty good, actually’ so I decided to fix it up and try to sell it instead. I went over it a few times, removed and changed and added and tweaked, and now it is being looked at by a professional edit person before I send it to Clarkesworld, where it will be published and make me famous and I’ll win a nebula and be on Conan and quit my job and move to Sweden.

Also, I fell asleep at 8pm last night. I then woke up at 330am and sat around staring into space for 4 hours before going to work. I don’t think my mind was in awake mode even after all that time. It did feel nice, though, to just fall asleep when I was tired and wake up when I was done being tired. Scheduled sleep feels less natural and less relaxing and recharging than ‘nap sleep’ somehow. I feel like it’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long long time. Like a 7 hour nap. I’m still thinking about how good it felt…

Anyway stories are distracting. I’m not sure if I’ll write any more until the novel is done. I didn’t do any novel writing for a whole week after that last story. The problem is I like writing them better than I do the novel, more instant gratification you see. After the novel, I think I’m going to do a serial. That sounds like fun. The best of both worlds.

Till then there probably wont be much to read here except disorganized thoughts like those above, and possibly, maybe, a quick short story here and there when I give in to temptation on some lonely night.

So long, and sleep well!


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