Day 1: Define Blogging

It’s day one of my self-inflicted blogging challenge, the prompt is ‘define blogging’, and here is what I whipped up! Enjoy! I sure hope I can keep this up…

George’s fingers remained stubbornly motionless on the keyboard. It had been two days since he decided he was going to get in on this blogging business, but still no words were coming out. He’d purchased the domain ‘’, and had paid his nephew to decorate it with lots of menus and links and animated pictures of cats. It looked very professional. The only thing missing was content.

He typed out the words ‘Hello world,’ stared at them for a moment, then backspaced.

George had always fancied himself a writer, though he had never actually written anything other than lengthy email correspondences between him and his sister about their respective cats; and long, detailed shopping lists, all in alphabetical order. Still, he felt that this was the job for him, it was something he’d been born to do. He knew he could be famous on the web, if he could just figure out what to write.

“Blog, blog, blog,” he said to himself while his fingers hovered over the keys. He had half an hour left of his allotted writing time, which he’d used for the past two days to do exactly this. “Blog, blog, blog,” he said.

“Mew,” said Mr. Bosley, the orange tabby-cat. He jumped up on to Georges lap.

“Now now,” said George, placing the cat back on the ground. “I’ve got to work.”

“Mow.” Mr. Bosley hopped up again.

“Oh, all right then,” said George. He pet the cat and stared at the colorful, wordless screen.

The minutes counted down as he scratched the cat’s ears and felt warm purrs vibrating his legs. Soon his hour was up.

“Well, that’s today,” said George with a nod. It was time to clean the garage and water the petunias and dust the bookshelves.  He reached to close the window.

“Mrow,” said Mr. Bosley, and hopped up onto the keyboard. He danced around for a moment, his paws slipping on the keys, then flew off the desk and disappeared around the corner.

“Dang it,” said George, “Bosley, you ruffian.” But when he looked at the screen his face broke into a grin.

Congratulations, you’ve made your first post!

A box in the middle of the screen blinked the message at him cheerfully. He clicked ‘ok’ and looked at his now active blog. A long string of g’s followed by an e and an x now adorned his front page.

“Oh Bosley,” George chuckled, “you’re always mucking things up.” He had to tell his sister, she’d laugh up a storm.

He started to open up his email, but instead the  ‘new post’ button caught his eye. Perhaps his sister wasn’t the only one he could tell. He clicked it, and began to type:

The craziest thing just happened! Here I am working on my new blog, and wouldn’t you believe it, Mr. Bosley had to have a go at it before me! It’s just like him, sticking his nose in everything I’m doing. Why, if I were to sit and stare at the tub long enough, I bet he’d jump right in, even if it were full to the brim with cold water! But look at those letters he typed, I wonder if its some kind of cat language, if I check his toys for clues, maybe I can decipher it… 

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