30 day blogging challenge.

I think I’ve been posting too many old stories, and it’s time to write some new ones. A lot of new ones. How about thirty new ones? Sounds good to me!

I spend some time in the lovely writing community at writing.com , and the folks there are having a challenge for the bloggers: Make a post every day for thirty days in a row. Prompts are provided, but you can write about whatever you want, as long as you make a post every day. Easy you say? Yes! Too easy! Instead, I’m going to use the prompt provided and write a story based on it, every day, for the rest of the month, and post it here for you to enjoy, or laugh at.

The stories will likely be short, full of typos and ugly sentences, and probably lacking sense, but they will be stories!

My word count for this year so far is somewhere around 19,000; that’s 2000 above my quota for the month in order to reach a goal of 200,000 for the year. Those words, however, included a lot of mindless rambling about nothing that I wrote just to be writing something. This month of stories will hopefully help assuage my guilt at counting non-fiction words a tiny bit.

As you may have already noticed, it is the first of the month… and yes, I have written a story. It will be posted soon! I wrote it without thinking about it much,  perhaps an hour after reading the prompt. Now I’m going to forget about it for another hour, then give it a quick once over and post it here.

Check back for a new story every day about who knows what! I hope you enjoy this as much as I know I will!


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