JB Episode 01: Too Many Drinks, Too Many Arms

  “Three more, Barkeep!” The barkeep waggled his antennae agreeably. “Very good, sir,” his voice crackled and popped. With three of his six hands he grabbed shot glasses from beneath the bar. With his remaining hands he grabbed three crystalline bottles of impossible shapes from the uppermost shelf, and tipped them to fill the glasses …



I submitted two stories last night, and after reading them over and moving commas around for hours, I was starting to really dislike both of them.  I started thinking maybe they need more work, and I should hold off on submitting them, and maybe I was right. But, I know me, and I know that …

‘Palindrome’ submitted

I've submitted my story 'Palindrome' to Asimov's Science Fiction, they also have a very quick turnaround, so should be under a week to hear back from them. Had some top notch editing done on this one, so if it fails, its the story's fault!

‘Cain’s Offering’ submitted

My flash fiction story, 'Cain's Offering', has been submitted to Flash Fiction Online! If they don't want it, I'll give it to 365 Tomorrows, and if they don't want it, you'll still get to read it, cause I'll post it here! Stay tuned 🙂

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